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Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
I hope no one from Waterworks is reading this. The Lamson is beloved by many here as a trout reel. With its too wide spool and small sweep area drag (relative to specialized saltwater reels) this is no bonefish reel. To go for a rod like you are considering and weaken the outfit with this reel seems out of balance. It is not unheard of but it is rare that a good trout reel design is scallable to high performance saltwater use. Oh, and I thought you had a #7 rod...a 7-weight is a specialty bonefish rod, a high octain #8 is what you need. My guide in Florida is not interested in anyone bringing rods lighter than a 9-weight aboard his skiff. He favors a Sage ONE #9 mated with a big Tibor.
You know more about it than I do, but I have caught a few bonefish in the Bahamas. I'm sure your guide in Florida likes what he does, and a bigger rod makes sense in the Keys, but bonefish rods (actually, conditions) are all over the place, as this article makes clear.

Choosing a Bonefish Fly Setup | Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

If you're using a big 9 wt that's really more like a 10 or 11, that's way too big for most bonefish, even with a stiff breeze (and, if you're wading, you have to carry the darned thing all day). A really fast rod, like a Sage, that actually fishes close to two weights heavier, should work well in a lighter weight. For 90 percent of bonefish one might encounter, a fast 7 wt with 8 wt line is the right call. Am I wrong? And for that one rare monster that rips through your backing, returns to jump into the boat, and stab you in the neck with your own rod?--tip your hat and wish him a good day.

(and, I have no idea why I'm responding to this 3 months later--slow night.)
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