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Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

A woolybugger is the only fly I use now......... and that's for every fish from 'gills to carp!

Woolybugger, Minibugger, Microbugger, and Nanobugger.

The tiny buggers use dubbing rather than chenille, and all types of hackle wound in different ways. No weight, lead wrap, chain eyes, beadhead, tungsten bead, bead with lead wrap, and lead eyes. They all catch fish.

Always a marabou tail (that's the fish catcher)

For poppers, I use a woolybugger with a foam strip on top. Sometimes a foam strip wrapped to make a head.

Woolybuggers is all I ever use! I just bring a fly box full of normal stuff only because I like to tie flies?
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