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Default Why Can't I Tie a Simple, Standard Tie Anymore?

Sat down tonight with a very simple goal: 2 black woolly buggers and 2 black woolly buggers with small black dumbbells. Quick, easy and simple, right?

End result is that I have a dozen flies hanging and none of the 4 I started out to tie. All woolly-bugger-esque, but none of them 'right'. Have olive bodies with black and brown tails and a black saddle rib. Have teased out black, wool yarn bodies, olive and black tails with purple saddle ribs. Have a couple multiple color buggers with a zonker strip back, a al the sparkle ghost bugger with the squirrel skin back.

I know it is all just semi-standard color substitution stuff and that wooly bugger is a broad and vague term, but why can't I just tie the tried-n-true standard pattern - black marabou tail, black saddle rib counter wrapped with fine copper wire, black chenille all over a lead underbody?

(Was really surprised to see how well the Dark olive, dark brown, dark purple and black all worked together.)

I guess the question is: Does anyone else have this problem?
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