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Default Re: Road Trip to Montana in August

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Only concern I have (all the places you want to visit) is the plan may be too ambitious unless you really like spending HOURS behind the wheel of your car. You might want to hit a web site like 'triptic' and get the mileage between locations. From personal history, even on Freeways, you will only average 50mph with stops. Or to put that (as I have in the past) 800 miles will eat up the better part of 16 hours.
The driving should hopefully be a non issue. We have ampel camping supplies and do not plan to stay in Missoula. My friend and I will drive into Missoula on Monday to pick my brother up at the airport. We'll only stay the night there in a hotel (will need good rest after driving over 1.5k miles) and then spend Tuesday in Lolo. We would leave Lolo that evening. From then on we will either be camping at local sites or sleeping in the car or hotel in whatever town we are in.

I am definitely interested in fishing as we drive to Yellowstone. I'm working out details for having a one or two day guide while in YNP, so I plan to have my home base be Gardiner while visiting YNP. I can go south from Lolo towards Widsom to fish Big Hole one day and then head to Dillon to fish Beaverhead. I'd arrive in Gardiner Thursday evening then and would spend Friday thru early Monday in YNP. Total driving would be about 400 miles split between three evenings, so very manageable. Depending on the guide service in YNP, I may need to do this in reverse order (hit YNP first then drive towards Lolo hitting Dillon and Wisdom).

Would it be better to spend two days fishing one river (e.i Big Hole or Beaverhead or Madison) or try getting one per day?

***Edit: I guess it's important to mention that I will be mainly walking/wading as I do not have a boat and won't rent one due to inexperience. I know this will change my options. From what I've read on this forum, looks like it would be best if I just stay in one town, either Dillon or Ennis, as the fishing spots are fairly close. I only can afford to pay for about 2 days worth of guided fishing.

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