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Default Re: 10 wt rod for striped bass

I've had a few cheaper 10 wt. dogs that I got rid of and stick with the 2 great 9's I have when I need more backbone. Some fast 9's overlined with a 10 int. (if that's what you use in the surf- I use those and 400 -500 gr. for BIG flies) will work fine. A lousy 10 really starts to cream your shoulder after awhile, I'd test some rods to make sure you like what you get. I've heard good and cast Redington and Echos in your range. I haven't pulled anything big into the yak- maybe 34" my best- I imagine a 10 would be much better to lever a real big girl up. Let us know what you get and how it does. I'm thinking about getting one I actually like , to throw 6/0 bunny eels off the beach at night. Good luck.
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