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Default Re: Road Trip to Montana in August

Originally Posted by fishnskiguy View Post
Unfortunately, as beautiful as GNP is, fishing is not this park's strong suit. Most of the lakes are OK, but the streams, especially on the west, side are very cold and low in nutrients and are almost barren.
There is a chance I will only spend two days in GNP instead of three. My friend prefers to stay in YNP most of the time, but I would really like to visit GNP for it's beauty. It should make for some excellent hiking and I don't mind if I don't fish everyday. While I love animals, I'm not big on watching wildlife and thus that part of YNP is unimportant for me. If my friend strongly prefers YNP, I'll stay there an extra day and spend one less in GNP.

Regarding bears.... Do I need to worry about them everywhere I go? When living in Lolo I remember reading in the papers about bears getting into town sometimes. Do I need to have bear spray/bells with me at all times?
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