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Regarding bears.... Do I need to worry about them everywhere I go? When living in Lolo I remember reading in the papers about bears getting into town sometimes. Do I need to have bear spray/bells with me at all times?
No, the river bottoms are pretty much bear free for most of our rivers in the big agricultural valleys though I did once walk up on a big black bear on the Gallatin by Gallatin Gateway. Also saw one on the Big Hole.
I'm sure they are around on Rock Creek and the Blackfoot as well but I've never worried about them there.
Generally black bears are pretty timid. I don't really worry about them.
Grizzlys are deserving of fear and respect.

You will want bear spray for both Yellowstone and Glacier. I've hiked around both without it but it does make you feel a little bit safer. If you do get bear spray DO NOT...I repeat..DO NOT leave it in your vehicle in the sun!!!!

I was hiking in Yellowstone years and years ago and left the can on the front seat of my truck when I went back to work. When I came out of work I noticed my windows were was a total disaster. Even after ripping out the seats and replacing them and endlessly scrubbing the inside it still smelled like spicy pepper in there until I got rid of the truck a few years later. Fortunately it was somewhat of a beater.

Also the Big Hole should be pretty low come August and there is all kinds of good walk/wade access as well as camping.
The Park is really easy to fish on your own and there are all kinds of guide books and internet info out there to plan out some rivers and creeks you might want to hit.
You might think of spending your guide money on a float trip instead of a walk/wade trip. Half the fun of fishing the Park is figuring it out for yourself.
Just a thought....
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