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Default Another wader and wading boot question

Just wanted to start off by saying that you guys have a wonderful and very informative forum-- all credit to you.

As for myself, I am a complete novice to fly fishing. I used to do a lot of rod and pole fishing on the canal banks and small ponds when I lived in England but since moving to Denver a couple of years ago my father-in-law has introduced me to fly-fishing. He purchased me my first Orvis fly-rod for Christmas and now I am in the market for a pair of waders and wading boots.

My first idea was to purchase both a pair of Simms' chest waders (Freestone Stockingfoots) and the Orvis hip waders. This way I could add more versatility to my gear and when fishing small rivers I didn't have to lug around heavy waders. However after reading this forum for a while it became evident that neoprene waders, which I believe the Simms Freestone are, would make for a very uncomfortable summer fishing season, which is the time that I plan to fish.

Thus my 2nd idea was to scrap the hip waders and instead purchase a better pair of chest waders and that is when I came across the Simms G3 Guide Convertible Wader for $380, which is only an extra 30 bucks than the combined price of the original chest and hip waders.

So my question is this, are the G3 Convertible's an adequate replacement for the hip-waders-- on the face of it, it appears that these are both pair of waders in one and of much better quality-- is my reasoning over this issue correct or am I missing something and if I am, can any of you offer another solution or suggestion to consider?

My 2nd question is regarding boots, now I know that this is all very subjective and dependent upon the right fit for the foot and for the wader but with that aside, can anyone offer some suggestions for a durable wading boot that is also suitable for hiking/backpacking in a good few miles?

Thank you in advance for any help offered.
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