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Default 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay

HI -- thank you guys again for your advice on my last SW post. I finally went out and spend about 6 hours fishing this Saturday. I broke the tip off my 8 weight () literally while loading the truck and had to use a 9' 5-weight rod, which worked out okay (better than I thought). The 8 -weight is still on warranty, but man I was ticked! I had a spool of 6 weight floating line (wf) and a 6 weight full sink line. Anyway, my observations:

1. My stripping basket needs modification: the bungee hooks tend to grab the line every once in a while, and I need more "fingers" in the bottom of the basket.

2. The stripping basket helps a LOT. So much that I can't see how you'd do it without one. Also, line shoots a lot better and I could even get a good cast into the wind with a 6 weight line using the basket.

3. The full sinking line was the best to cast (versus the floater) into the wind and got me down deep. There aren't "surf" waves on the Bay, so I didn't feel like using a floater and mending was needed to keep in touch, though I think I would have been happy with either line if need be.

4. SW fishing is a blast -- there's this feeling of "unknown" while you're out there that I don't get with small streams.

I casted in every direction -- parallel to sand, straight out, diagonally, etc. just to experiment and get a feel for it. No fish landed, but I did accidentally snag and bring in 4 horseshoe crabs. They were all over the place breeding like crazy. I plan to get my 8 weight rigged up again and go back out!
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