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Default Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay

Yeah Rip -- I hear you! I kept getting "bumped" by those suckers and it did kind of freak me out a bit. Plus, the water was still pretty stained from the storms, so your mind kind of wanders when something hits you .

Another observation: I didn't lose a single fly. This never happens in any other FW area I fish around here.

As for location -- Cape Henlopen S.P. (about 2 hr 45 min from Alexandria) has a huge fishing pier where a ton of folks bait fish at any given point. I was just wading all around it. I've heard the Indian River Inlet is good too....but I like the "protected" bay for my 1st attempt. Big water is something I need to build up to.

I have a few pics of me doing a big double haul with the little 5 weight absolutely loaded to the max, about to die out there. I need to upload them form the camera.

A couple of other guys were out there with these huge rake-looking things digging around for clams? I wasn't sure.

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OH, and I just rinsed all my rod/guides down in FW afterward....and also took off my spool and drenched my reel in FW. Hopefully this will avoid any major problems. Reel is a 7/8 Orvis Access reel (brand new). Seems pretty solid for a small amount of $. I use this on my 5 weight, and the cheap Okuma on the (broken) 8 weight. I'm not sure why.
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