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Default Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay

Awesome -- great advice for me.

Jim -- thank you very much for the tip! We (wife and I) plan to make more trips to fish SW when we get days off. I'll mark broadkill on my fishing map .

The full-sink line I was using this weekend was a little faster sink rate than I prefer, but it was all I had. I have an 8-weight (300gr) intermediate line (SA clear tip intermediate) coming in this week and intend to use it . Once I get the rod replaced I should be set.

Rip -- another great tip from experience. I didn't consider bait-digging, but that might be it! When my wife say the guys digging, that was her exact reaction -- "hey, those guys are probably kicking up critters....let's fish by 'em ".

Oh, and for the floater I was using a leader of about 6 feet of 25 pound test, with about 18-24" of 10 pond mono tippet. I totally experienced how with the long butt section it turned over quite well in the wind. When I swapped to the full-sink I just used 3' of 10 pound mono. I think I can understand the benefit of having a fairly substantial butt section on the floater -- no more arguments from me on this. I think with the floater, the tapered leader worked better.

Rip -- I know you use a floater regularly -- do you use your same leader (45lb-25-16) with an intermediate line? Or do you like a shorter type leader like you'd use with a full sink?

Anyone else have a leader suggesting for an intermediate?

The winds were blowing NW between 10-20 while we hopefully this game me some practice for what is "normal" out there . anyway, both of us had a great time out there. I've never NOT caught a fish and had so much fun fishing I don't think.
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