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Default Trip to Livingston

I just discovered this forum (you guys seem great), and have searched the archives without luck for advice self-floating on the Yellowstone River from Livingston in mid July. If our plans workout, my wife would shop and such in Livingston while I fish, floating our 7' inflatable dinghy (normally used on our sailboat) down the Yellowstone and at the end of the day, she'd pick me up (say, 5 miles -or 5-6 hours of floating- downstream). No, can't afford a guided float trip.

My concerns are: What will the fishing be like in mid July? Muddy? Water too hot? Will access be available downstream from Livingston, and how will I know if I at days end in an accessible location to be picked up? And, is this another one of my bad idea (I've had a few, just ask my wife)?

Thanks for any and all advice. Need all the help I can get!

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