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Default Access Inquiry about the South Platte River

Hello Everyone;

hope the fishing has been good for all! Been going myself quite a bit since the temps warmed up (and before runoff, which is GREAT this year in CO). Fishing has been very consistent, and the trout look healthy and are displaying voracious appetites.

Today I went down to the Platte, despite the low flows (~60cfs below Cheesman). Didn't bother with Cheesman, so I decided to go down from Deckers to see if maybe Horse and Brush Creeks were contributing any additional water.

Well, if any additional water was helping, it wasn't evident; the water was super skinny, and trout were holding in the deep runs. I decided to fish some dry action (Caddis, BWO), and immediately was rewarded with 6 great looking and sizable rainbows in about an hour. Afterwards, I waited out some good thunderstorms. I called it quits early, to give the fish a break, but also the weather wasn't getting any better.

OK, so to get to my question regarding access downstream, there's a particular spot that I am curious about that appears to be public, but may in fact, be on private property. The spot is about 5 miles downriver from Deckers, right at the junction of Highway 67 and South Platte River Road.
See on Google Maps: 39.308688, -105.197209 to Deckers, CO - Google Maps

It appears that there is public access strip immediately north of a fenceline (if you trun on imagery, you can clearly see it) of the private land immedately south, but there is a sign on the north side of the river that states it is private - yet, I've seen fishermen fishing there, about 500 feet upstream from the bridge.

I know this is a lot to ask, but if you've been there, you know it. Thanks if you know anything about it!!!

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