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Default Re: Choosing my next rod

Thanks to all for the replies. I should add that my next rod will likely be the rod I let other people use when we go camping, etc., and they want to learn. I was leaning toward a 6wt so they could use it on rivers and on lakes as well for bass and larger trout.

William: I do catch small fish up near and in Yosemite, although I don't set out with a goal to catch small fish.

Trekker: I like the way you think!

Moucheur: I was ready to pull the trigger on a 4 wt, 7-6 ft. rod for 50% off but I was discouraged by someone who told me they use theirs so rarely. So I listened and lost out. Both of my rods, the 5 and 8, are 9 footers.

Thanks again for the opinions.
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