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Default Re: Road Trip to Montana in August

Originally Posted by blackbugger View Post
You will want bear spray for both Yellowstone and Glacier. I've hiked around both without it but it does make you feel a little bit safer. If you do get bear spray DO NOT...I repeat..DO NOT leave it in your vehicle in the sun!!!!
Thanks for the tip, I'll gladly learn from your mistake!

I've modified my itinerary (first post) some more to reflect what I've learned. I've decided to only spend one day fishing the Madison and then will head over to YNP. I've also decided to go with the recommendation of doing a float trip and I've chosen the Yellowstone River for this. I'll also stay an extra day in YNP and will visit GNP for only 2 days.

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
Last thought/suggestion...its a lot of miles between YNP and GNP. You might want to camp on rock creek and take advantage of fishing late into the evening and driving early the next morning. The fishing is going to be slowest middle of the day until evening, so try to plan your drives during the heat of the day and fish dawn and dusk. That will the case just about everywhere.
Thanks for the advice on the driving times. I've adjusted my itinerary accordingly.

I've been watching a lot of videos of the fly fishing in YNP, Madison, and Rock Creek and am really excited. The trout I am used to from the Current River in Missouri are nowhere near as stocky as those in the videos. Rock Creek seems closest to the size I am used too. I spent about 4 hours fly fishing today and nothing was bigger than 13".
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