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Default new guy and never really fished before

I just bought a fly rod this last weekend. went to a bass pro shop and asked the guy what I needed. I am sure he gave me the best deal for the area I fish but not sure he gave me something to my skill level.
as I said, I have never really fished. I ended up with a redington torrent 7wt rod. the surge reel and floating line. also got an assortment of popper and wooly buggers.
as of yet I have not tried any fishing. I am just practicing the casts. I watched a lot of videos and read a number of articles. I figure I need to be able to cast before I really worry about trying to hook a fish.
the casting has gone ok. I am using a piece of yarn for the fly. all of it on dry land or in a warehouse. what I read now tells me I would probably have been better off with a 5wt rod that is a medium speed.
I think my first day I did not allow enough line to start with. but since running 30 feet or so of line out, I seem to be doing a little better. I have realized that it is very important to not go past the 10 and 2 positions. otherwise the line just drops.
last night I was practicing and my line was flying pretty straight at about 30-35 feet but then it looked like my leader and fly would bunch up. is that because I am doing this on land and not in the water? no matter how quick I tried to be with the rod, the fly line would land straight but the leader did not.
I am not trying to feed the line yet or false cast. right now I just want to take it back and cast so I can lay down a straight line. learn some sort of rhythm. I am also practicing my roll casts. these do not seem to have those tight loops I see on the videos. imagine that!
well anyway, hello to all. I am sure I will have some questions as I progress. I have read a number of articles so far and enjoy the info.
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