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Default Re: new guy and never really fished before

Sounds like a pretty decent bass set-up.

As suggested, take some casting lessons. Save yourself the headache of teaching yourself. (Is very hard to teach what you do not already know.)

Loop control is everything. You can make distance if you can't form a loop. You can't control the leader if you can't control the loop.

Start with 3 or so rod lengths of line and a 7.5' leader. Learn to throw a n open loop and a tight loop. Once accomplished, add a rod length of line and repeat.

With a tight loop, your leader will be strait out. With a more open loop, your leader will be wiggly-strait. With an over-open or no loop you leader will puddle. It all comes down to timing and gentle application of abrupt force.

Once you learn to control your loop, start in on loop control with a double haul.

Loop + double haul = distance. Once you get the distance thing out of your system, you can work on what matters, accuracy, fly presentation and casting in adverse conditions.

Your choice, a couple hours of lessons or hours upon days upon weeks ,etc of teaching yourself something you do not know.

Have you considered hitting up the local fly shop and "Hey, I need help learning to cast. What do you have for suggestions?"

Good luck and Welcome.
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