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Cool Scouting trip,I am looking for a fishing and camping spot around Bend? 75 miles

I am going to throw a wide loop this weekend for a scouting trip.

Going over to the Bend area this weekend to look for a campground and do some fishing, any suggestions? Up in the Cascade Mountains and in the Deschutes National Forest.

I got a eye on a little pond south of Sister, Or called 3 Creeks Lake. Does anybody know of this lake.

I am also going to Jackson Kimball State Park, Just to see what is going on there and to see if there is some fishing up there.

I am going to drive down Sun Mountain Rd. to Hwy 97 just to check it out. I was told Sun Mountain Rd was the original Hwy 97 way back when. So I want to see some historical rd. and see if there is any fish up there.
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