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Default Re: Echo 3 & 3S Fly Rods

I realize this is an old thread but I just want to say as a previous TFO owner that the BVK seems like a nice rod for a good price until you fish it a while (about 10 outings in my case) and the cheap cork handle starts to come apart in your hand (also the cork had a 1/4 inch pit in it upon arrival, which I dealt with) or the blank breaks in a very strange spot in the middle of the second section from the tip top.... Had two separate rods break in that same exact spot while casting and no I wasn't high sticking and no I've never snapped another rod in my life from simply casting.

I picked up an Echo 3S and the superior quality is apparent from the start, high grade cork handle, hard chrome stainless and oversized stripping and snake guides and very well crafted thread wraps with a beautiful deep blue blank. The TFO is a flat out POS compared to the Echo 3S, you may save money on the initial cost of the TFO but after spending 25 bucks a pop on two warranty replacements from TFO I gave up on them. I'm using the 10wt Echo 3s for chucking heavy shooting heads for Calico Bass on the West Coast and it can throw a wide range of grain weights and it does it well.... I am using grain weights between 350 and 500 grains on it at the moment and it's a cannon... roll, back cast shoot it all with nearly zero effort.

MY buddy has a 6wt Echo 3 and we hooked into some Leopard sharks one day and he got the thing in on it but it made a violent run at the last second and the line was wrapped up in the tip and snapped the rod (any rod would have snapped from that) guess what Echo replaced it no questions asked and had him a new rod just as fast as TFO would have. My opinion is that Echo is a far superior product and they stand by their products... my same friends echo ion freshwater reel rusted out, from saltwater use, and they still sent him a brand new reel for 25 bucks, they just rock!
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