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Default Re: Best Streamer Rod Under $300

Well I am probably buying either today or tomorrow so any last opinions let me know. I was very firm in the $300 limit but I almost fell to the temptation of the st. Croix bank robber but I really can't justify $400 bucks. The more I look into things I am leaning towards the Echo Ion 6 weight. Really I have heard nothing but good things with the only draw back being its a little on the heavy side but that is expected for something in that price point. I don't see anything else that will give me that type of value unless I start jumping up about another $150. Who know though, I seem to change my mind about ever five minutes until I actually pull the trigger.

On a side note for anyone with experience with the ion what would you suggest for length? I am deffinitely going with the 6 weight but I am not sure on the 9' or 10'. I assume I will be using this rod mostly tossing streamers on the river but i also occasionally take my pontoon float up to Strawberry and throw a full sink line for those cutties. Do you think the extra length is worth it or counter productive for rivers like the Green, Provo and Truckee?
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