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Default Re: looking for extra-fast action blanks; specifically 10ft 5wt

Originally Posted by tedp View Post
yes, my researching introduced me to that company the other day. i ended up dismissing them based on price alone as i felt i might be able to find a more cost effective solution. after a long day of searching and acquiring data i am now much more open to paying their price. i am finding it next to impossible to find these rods on this side of the pond. it seems like others before have had similar troubles. i would also need to have some ccs data for the blanks to help me better understand what the rod may feel like. i think one of the ccs data bases i found had some of their blanks listed.
thank you for your input.
Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
these rods are now back up for consideration. i have accepted i can not get what i want at this time and need to compromise for the goal i have set.
thank you for your suggestion.

as i mentioned above i spent the majority of my day trying to find rods that could accomplish the goals i have. to help me better understand what ern values i might find acceptable i ran a ccs test on the rods i have access to. here are the results:
eagle claw rod listed as 6/7
53cents/6.76 ERN and an AA of 62
st. croix legend 9ft 6wt
48 cents/6.08 ERN and an AA of 63
st. croix avid 8.5ft 5wt(my rod for last 15ish years)
49cents/6.22 ERN and an AA of 66
orvis power matrix 10 9ft 5wt
42cents/5.20 ERN and an AA of 65
g loomis glx 9ft 5wt (i am going to retest this rod as it felt much stiffer)
41cents/5.05 ERN and an AA of 70

i wanted to try and get a ERN up in the mid 7's so that i can see how it casts a 5wt line. the eagle claw came closest as other 8wt+ rods went off the conversion chart i had and could no longer tell what ERN value they had;i.e. 80+cents. my testing left me disappointed. i could not discern much a difference with when the eagle claw rod felt loaded when compared to the older version of st. croix avid or the g loomis glx. i was hoping the rod would stay solid and allow me to hold 15 or so more feet of line off the water with ease. between this experiment and seeing the data collected i now have accepted i need a much higher ERN of around mid 7's and would like a AA of >70, if possible. i have accepted a 9ft rod maybe able to accomplish my goal better than the 10ft rods blanks i have seen and now have opened the search up to them.

i may still build the quickline rod but it will not come first. in addition to trying to source these cts rods today i want to try and get some ccs data for the orvis access blanks. based on the butt and tip and crude correlations i have observed i believe there may be some rods that can accomplish the aforementioned ern and aa values i desire.

does anyone have ccs data for orvis access blanks?

does anyone have the formula for converted cents to ERN?

does anyone have a source in the united states for the cts line of blanks?

these are the questions i try to answer today. thank you for your time.
- dave thompson
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