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Default Small flies on an 8wt

So I'm in the market for a new rod, my last (and only) went for a ride on top of my moms car and never came back. I mostly fish for bass but depending on where I am I will also go for panfish, trout/salmon and pike, also I'm looking to start carp fishing as they seem to be pretty much every where these days. I'm have my eyes on a Cabela's TLr 8wt (currently on sale). I think I want the 8wt so I can throw the big bass bugs and to help with windy conditions (I'm still relatively new to fly casting), also for when I'm in northern WI (parents lake house) I can go after pike and if I start going to carp, there's some big ones around me.

My only concern with an 8wt is if I happen to be fishing for panfish will I still be able to throw smaller flies? I know the whole 'can't golf with only one club' but still being a novice and on a budget I want to get something that will best fit all my needs, which at this point I think is an 8wt instead of a 6wt. What are your guys thoughts? Thanks.
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