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Default Re: Small flies on an 8wt

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
ps love fishing in N. Wisconsin. There's a spot on the river up there that has held a couple large smallies the past two years. I'm looking forward to getting up there in September to see if they are still there.
I love it up there too, our place is in Rhinelander, so I do most of my fishing on squash lake, boom lake and some of the WI river. I'm actually going up there for the fourth.

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
You will be able to fish small flies. Use a longer leader when targeting smaller fish so the larger fly line does not spook the fish.

You have quite a large range for target fish. If you want to fish for chinook salmon on the Lake Michigan feeder streams, an eight weight is under gunned. For the other larger fish you mentioned, you should be good unless you hook a monster of a pike.
Thanks for the tip. I know its quite the range but I mainly target bass and panfish. Although sometimes I hook into pike when bass fishing so I want to be prepared. And I have only been steelhead fishing once but I want to be ready if I ever get a call to go.
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