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Default Re: Tiny Creek Brookies

Something to add to Silver's excellent post above. IF you can get an upstream shot at the fish, picking at the side of the window with a "J" cast is often effective. If the cast is ignored, let the whole thing drift back to you. Strip in most of the slack line and use a roll cast pick up and "J" cast in a little tighter. It can be a slow process, but it is one of the few techniques that offers more than one shot.

Not sure what the proper name of a "J" cast is, but it is sort of an aerial mend accomplished by rotating your wrist while the line is in the air.

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Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Here is a puzzle on small stream fishing posted by an angler on FAOL. He posted the photo below in 2009 and asked "sunny day. kinda shallow hole. where was the 18 inch brown laying?
I'd be looking right at that 90* bend tight against the (probably undercut) back we can't see in the image. Looks like it narrows right as it gets deep, so just above that.

First cast would be a bit above the hanging clump just above the riffle and work that far back with what ever the current terrestrial is.

Then again the current side of those large rocks look pretty tasty too.

Looks like a little bit of heaven to me. Was looking it and decided the first thing to do would be to park a was back on that grass above the sand and decide on catching the couple large fish or catching probably sacrificing those and picking of the other ( probably more numerous) smaller fish lurking around.
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