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Default Re: Small flies on an 8wt

Originally Posted by attila View Post
I'd look at 7wt rods. There is no compromise though. You really need 2 rods. I'd go 7wt and 3wt.
i agree. fishing for bluegill with an 8wt. would be kinda like hunting squirrel with a .30-06. would it get the job done? absolutely, but it's complete overkill. cabela's has their three forks 7'6" 3 piece 3wt. on sale for $39 right now. if you're already ordering the tlr 8wt., just add the three forks to your order. everyone i know who has one is quite happy with that little 3wt. and to be honest for most of the bass you'll be catching (unless you're routinely catching 5+ lber's), it is a more than adequate rod. just food for thought. my go to panfish rod is a tfo 7' 4/5wt. bug launcher. really a 4wt. and can be found on the cheap if you look hard enough. good luck and let us all know what you decide.
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