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Welcome to fly fishing. My two cents:
1. Inexpensive 6 weight rod. Fun with sun fish and big enough for most small mouth. Cheapest reel that turns smoothly.
2. 3 and 4x tippet.
3. Small hemostat with scissors built in or nippers, your call.
4. Flies: Yellow poppers or sliders size 10 or 12, Black wooly buggers size 8, any hairy looking nymph with a little color/flash in size 12 and 14 (Like a gold ribbed hare ear.) A Parachute Adams size 14 when you want to try a few trout but also sun fish will hit.
5. Strike indicator (bobber) I think the Thing-ma-bobber in the smallest size would be a good choice.
6. Consider getting a 20/20 (brand does make a difference here) fly threader or use a needle threader from a sewing kit. Threading your fly is one of the early frustrations.
7. Learn the hemostat Uni knot for any kind of tying task.

You could fish with just that set up for a long time.
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