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Default Re: new guy and never really fished before

I live on a 100 acre pond now. So it is a matter of 50 feet to the bank. Mostly bass, pickerel and crappie in the pond so I am told.
I did go get a 5wt set up with a mod-fast action. It is helping a lot. Right now it is about waiting as the line gets longer. But when I do,boy the line shoots 10-15 feet nicely. So where I was max at about 30 feet with the old rod, I am pretty much starting at 30 and able to shoot to 40+ once in a while anyway.
As they say in bow shooting. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. I will keep looking for an instructor.
Iam sure he could help with me working out of the kayak as well. Really have to get the arm up to keep the back cast out of the water.

How do you guys set your drag on the reel? The leader on this 5 wt breaks so easily. I broke it twice just snugging the knots. Can I use a leader for my 7wt rod? Or do I just have cheap leader?
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