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Smile Re: Newly addicted!!!

Well, I guess I didn't look for the new guy intro section hard enough. LoL! I live in eastern NC and love to fish and hunt but this fly fishing is addictive. I have a lot more time to fish since I retired from the USMC last year. I am a full time college student now and not really looking forward to getting a job when I graduate! LoL! Any way, the name superbike1 came from one of my previous hobbies of riding too fast for good sense to prevail. I now ride a slower Harley Davidson that is a little safer.(Depends on the drivers around you) I went fishing today and used a fly that I tied myself. Don't know what it would be called but it was just brown dubbing wrapped around the hook with yellow thread and kinda looked like a fat brown maggot. It works to say the least. I caught 18 fish and missed many more. I would have stayed till dark but my son was done fishing. He caught 3 and was kinda disappointed. Anyway. Thanks for all the welcomes and I am so excited about fly fishing.
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