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Default Re: Fly Fishing "only" sections near Harrisburg?

The water known as "The Run" is a small stream that feeds the Yellow Breeches with cold water year round and is 100% open to the public (Catch and Release only). To get there you would make a left out of the Allenberry Inn onto Boiling Springs Road then make a left onto Bucher Hill Road and follow the road for a short distance until you see a parking lot on your left. This is a PA Fish commission parking lot and is physically located on "The Run" where it flows out of the Boiling Springs lake. At the end of the parking lot is a bridge which takes you to a trail that parallels "the run" until it flows into the Yellow Breeches. The run has trout stacked on top of trout and usually fisherman on top on fisherman, very high fishing pressure. A little hint for the run: high stick the fast flowing water with a red midge larvae on 5x tippet and you'll put on a show for everyone! FYI the entire length of the run is about 300 yards.
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