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Default Re: Hello New to Spey fishing

Its new to me but so confusing on the tips

I received a 10-11-12 spey rod as a gift a few years back and would really like to use it but need help with the tips. It was a custom rod and im only going by what i was told about the rod (no markings).

I have a pack of rio tips

11wt 4,6 m
40,8 grams
2,3 g/m
type 3 (7,6 cm/s)

11wt 15ft
166 grains
11.1 gr/ft
type 6 (6ips)

12 wt 3,7 m
14,2 grams
3,1 g/m
sink tip comp

a clear tip with no tag
and a bright yellow tip that was on the reel

There is no real place i have found that can explain all these numbers to me in english LOL
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