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Smile Re: Hello New to Spey fishing

I was in your position about eight months ago. My first piece of advice is to not get hung up on all the numbers you posted. I tried to make some sense of it also and got quite frustrated. So, step 1, get a good dvd instructional series like Rio's three disc set and view it several times. It will give you some idea what spey casting is all about and start to put some perspective on the sport. Second, use this forum to find someone else in your area who is an experienced spey caster and offer to buy lunch or dinner in trade for some one on one conversation about what you have, what you need, and where to get some lessons. Finally, practice, practice and practice. The fact that you are an experienced fly caster is a blessing and a curse. The spey rod is designed to do a lot of the work you are used to doing yourself with your single handed rods. It takes some getting used to, but the light will start to shine and soon you'll be making relatively effortless casts of 50, 60, or much further.

Last comment, the rod you have does not sound to me like a rod to learn on. You may want to consider investing some money on lighter outfit to learn on and then work you way up to rod you have.

PS, the material you posted definitely came from Europe. In the U.S. we use grains instead of CM and feet instead of meters. A step to help you relate to material produced on this side of the pond would be to convert all the measurements to grains and feet. Then you might have an easier task of figuring it out.

I copied this section from your post

11wt 4,6 m This is an 11 weight tip that is 4.6 meters or about 15 feet long. It is to be looped to the end of you spey line.
40,8 grams It weight 40.8 grams, or
2,3 g/m 2.4 grams per meter
type 3 (7,6 cm/s) It is a type 3 sinking tip with a sink rate of 7.6 cm per second
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