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Default Re: new guy and never really fished before

hey, I found 2 instructors on that list that are not too far away from me. Thanks for that.

SO I probably should have read this but what is the purpose of the tapered leader? most of what I have been reading so far is on casting. still not trying to fish until I get better.

my loops are definitely getting better but even better is they are getting more consistent. I am working in just the 25-40 range with the line. not really doing much false casting but just a lift cast and letting the line shoot. the two big things I have realized so far is that; one the stroke is a lot shorter than you would think. on the back cast I feel like I stop at 12 and on the front I go to 11. in reality I am probably going farther than that but that is what it feels like. I also saw a tip where the guy said he feel like he is throwing the line up in the air on the back cast. since trying that my fly stays air borne better. it is just tough to do while trying to keep that elbow close to your side. the tendency is to lift the arm and elbow and then I go too far back.
the second thing I am realizing is how important it is to wait on the line to extend on the back cast. when I wait enough I get a nice loop on the forward cast. I think the 5wt rod with this mod/fast tip is really helping on the timing.
I practice everyday some place. either in the front yard or right on the bank.
so I am still water casting in a pond. right now I try to start with about 25-30 feet of line. no false casting but I just try to see how much line I can shoot. if I have my stroke and timing right it will go out to about 40 feet or close. my questions right now for you all is this.
do you guys strip line in to a certain distance most times and then begin another cast? in other words does it make sense to start at the same fixed amount so if you see a fish at a distance you have a feel for whether you should work out more line or less?
when the line lays out on the cast should it all drop to the water at the same time or do you let the fly line drop in and let the fly land last?
I have seen where some instruction says to lift the line to the leader before you start a back cast. in other videos it says to start from the water. obviously you do not want to rip the fly out of the water. so I am a little confused on that. surely with a popper you want some lift I would think but what about other fly's?
Thanks again for all the info
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