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Default Re: Uncompahgre River

Originally Posted by cochise View Post
A bugger with a midge trailer would be a good bet when dead drifting. If you are fishing the bugger actively, which is how I most often fish it, it's probably best to leave the trailer off and not deal with the issues that arise.

whht section on the Unc? Pa-Co? Private nearer to Montrose? Above The res?

Zebra midge drifted deep in the top of the pools where the water spills in from above is a sure bet for a larger fish. Make sure it gets down quick as those fish tuck up in there to stay out of harms way.
Yes it will be right there at the pa-co. We are camping there for a week! Lot's of fishing to do while I'm there Any other suggestions on what flies to use down there? Sizes? What size bugger should I use with a 5x tippet?
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