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Default Re: A letter from the US Postal Service??? How odd.

Was thinking about this yesterday. I bet this weird thing that found you is going to be the foundation of rate increases, etc. to get USPS out of the hole and/or to broaden the range of what can be done on the web. I don't know about you, but I have purchased shipping on line and printed the label at home. Have wondered if I could do it with just a basic stamp and run an envelope through my printer.

Thinking the brick-n-motar post office is going down the same path the town library has been treading for decades. They were once very important - the only access many had to books a/o long distance communication, but today were are overloaded with easy access to too much communication and info.

Then again the realist in me realizes that the USPS is spnding a boatload of money to prove they need at least two boat loads of money. One boat load to cover the research and more boatloads to cover what they can manipulate that research to 'prove'.
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