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Originally Posted by von behr View Post
I can get tremendous distance with the VT-2. That said, I have a Rio Grande line on it, so it is a 1/2 line heavier than a typical 6-wt line. It was recommended when I bought the rod as being a good fit for it. I'm no professional distance caster, but I've occasionally sent all of the fly line out there with just a few feet to spare on the reel.

A friend of mine has been fly fishing much longer than I. He tried out my VT-2 a few times and could not believe how good it felt. He ended up buying one for himself. He works in the fly fishing business, and has tried most of what's out there. He was impressed with the VT-2. When they were new on the market, I bought my 6-wt for about $400. The heavier weights were incrementally more, but I believe all were under $500. The 9-wt will have an anodized reel seat, where my six weight has a wood insert.


Sweet! Does it handle fish well too?
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