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Default Re: Hello New to Spey fishing

Welcome Steven. You've come to the right place--lots of incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people here who can answer any question you might have.

I took up Spey casting myself a year ago and have just gotten to the point that I'm now "fishing" as opposed to just "casting". Like anything, it takes practice and some trial and error. But man oh man--when you hook that first fish on a double-handed rod. . . !

From what I understand a 10-11-12 weight double-handed rod is a pretty heavy rod. You may want to try something in the 7-8-9 weight range to start--most guys find that just fine for salmon and steelhead, for example. Of course, it depends on the water you're fishing and the fish you're going after.

The package of Rio tips you have sound like one of their "VersiTip" systems--a bunch of tips you can loop onto the running line to adapt to various water conditions. The Type 3-6-8 tips are various densities of sinking tips (8 being the heaviest), the clear tip is an "intermediate" tip (about 1-2 ips I think), and the yellow one is a floating tip. I use an identical VersiTip system on my single-handed 8 wt for salmon and steelhead and like it.

I hate to recommend another forum when this one is so good, but is another good source of info for all things double-handed. Ard (hardyreels) and Fred Evans, another poster on this forum, also frequent that forum and they can tell you pretty much anything you need to know about double-handed fishing.

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