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Originally Posted by nick k View Post
Because you mentioned TFO, I have a friend with a 9wt Professional II and he is very happy with it.

As a personal note, I wouldn't use a 9wt for bass, unless you mean striped bass. WAY overkill on LMB or SMB.
Thats true, but i mainly fish poppers and streamers for bass. I fish a Sage LM Bass rod now which i find perfect. Somehow ive found a way to cast size 8 poppers well. The problem around here is if you fish anything too small, the sunfish will eat it before the bass even see it. Which is great - when youre fishing for sunfish.

I had a 7wt Orvis Silver Label which i didnt like too much. I couldnt cast anything very well past a size 6 hook weighted clouser. What weight would you recommend for LMB? I was planning on trying out carp and catfish on the fly with this rod also.
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