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Originally Posted by nick k View Post
I wish there were more catfish around here. The ones by me are pretty small and rare. I've actually never caught one on a fly rod.
They sure are fun. Ive caught them on wooly buggers. They fight HARD and dont really get too tired quickly like bass..

Originally Posted by bmbailes View Post
yes the TFO mini mag is awesome, especially with the S.A. titan taper line! that thing is a cannon and accurate! as far as what nick is saying is day to day small to medium CREEK rod is a 6wt. BUT as soon as i hit the ponds, lakes, or rivers i grab the 8wts.....1. because of structure like lily pads and milfoil. 2. theres big fish there

the frog came from feathercraft. i order 2 and im about to start tying them. very cool double 4/0 hooks!

btw- my mini mag is the smaller of the 2 sizes...its the 6-8wt. and throws the 8wt. titan taper( 1/2 size heavier) with ease. and even though its short like the sage, its in no way a stiff broom stick.
Ive never used Sink tip line. Id imagine its a bit heaver than WFF line.

That is one thing i forgot to mention. I do most of my fishing on lake shores where i need to reach out far to get to the bass. I need something that casts further than my LMB rod. My Sage works fine on small rivers and creeks once you get used to casting it. If you put a long leader on it, you dont even have to false cast. The heavy line just just flicks the fly out there effortlessly without slapping the water and scaring the fish away.
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