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Default Thoughts on Trout/Salmonfly Interaction?

Having to study this summer has limited my fishing far more than I could ever be comfortable with. However, that didn't stop me from making sure I threw a few salmonfly patterns while the big-bugs were flying around. That being said, I had a peculiar scenario and thought I'd run it by everyone to get your thoughts/input.

Given the main hatch had already gone a day or two (but there were a few still flying around) I've never had a harder time convincing the trout to come and hit. It might just be my good fortune but it has always been pretty silly fishing during the hatch, but this time, my fly got the whole "360 degree looking both ways" from them before they would nose it a few times. After that, it was 50/50 if I was going to hook up.

Has anyone had this similar thing happen? My musings on the way back to the rig ran from "Jezze, these fish have probably seen 1000 patterns, not to mention the actual bug" to "I wonder if a 'tucked-in' wing pattern is the way to go after the big hatch?"

Do you guys think the fish get salmonfly pattern wise? So full they just don't care anymore? Why wasn't I studying at this point? ( I sure has hell haven't paid this much money to fish when it's all on the line).

Hope everyone got a chance to get into this hatch this spring, for us anyways, it was a good one.
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