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Default Guiding the best of South Patagonia

My name is Juan Manuel, Im a fly fishing guide from South Patagonia in this post i want to show you an amazing place that still has not been developed as a fishing destination!!

King of Glaciers

A new destination in South Patagonia you can not miss, after fishing this incredible spot for the last 4 years I want to share this place with every angler of the world. This short description is just the introduction for the video. Ill be sharing with you some reports and good photos i have taken the last seasons.

The King Salmon has arrived to Southern Patagonic waters some years ago. In this lonely place of the Andes they have developed a numerous population that grows every year due to the really low fishing pressure and not having many predators above them. Every year the Chinook goes upriver from the Atlantic Sea, crossing the whole Santa Cruz river and then the Argentinian Lake (the biggest in the country) to arrive to the Caterina waters inside of the Cristina Estancia. This river has 7km of length from its beginning in the Anita Lake to the mouth on the Argentinian lake. Surrounded by the most amazing and wonderful scenery the fisherman finds in this spot the perfect combination of big fish in good numbers and no fishermen around, having a high quality service.

King Salmon fishing in this latitud is very particular; its different states make this fishing variable on the aggressiveness, amount of takes and the length of a fight. Kings react by irritation, they are very territorial and their senses are highly developed. All these characteristics make this fishing very challenging.
Once the King salmon gets into the fresh water system looking for the place to spawn a metamorphosis phenomenon occurs to him. The kype gets more visible as well as the hump. Also the color gets more red on the belly and darker on the back, its fins at the end of the cycle are really wasted and the strength is much less. Up to the spawning time they are hard to take, and most of the times they win the battles. Its strength has no comparison with other fresh water species of the kind.
Estancia Cristina and Caterina river have an stable colony of King salmon that amazes by its number. The weight of these fishes goes from 18pds to 50pds and bigger.
An interesting detail from this particular colony of Chinook is that comes from the Atlantic sea. The rest of the rivers of Argentina and Chile receive kings from the Pacific sea. This phenomenon also represents a challenge for the biologist. This is a short video i made on a 4 days trip:
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