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Default Re: Anyone ever deal with newtyer1

Personally if someone is not "active" on the few sites I am on I wont do business with them. Not worth the chance of getting robbed.

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Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
As long as someone is allowed to register under a 'Num-Nut-D-Pulm' (bad pun intended) you will always get people like this..

My log in name, here and every where, is my real name. Even my e-mail address if you add:

Just personal opinion here, but why would you not register/post with your 'real name/location?' You ask specific questions on what/how/where/with what questions .. how do you expect 'us' to respond?

Sorry, Board Room talk after listening to some "I'm full of my self my eyes are brown."
Totally disagree with all of this, I would never give out my full name. There are better ways of securing a forum from frauds, this is not one of them. For location still kind of iffy, but really not typically a big deal.
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