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Default Re: Guiding the best of South Patagonia

Hi, these salmons are actually hundreds of kilometres from the Atlantic sea. They come upstream the Santa Cruz river which is 400km long and then they reach the Argentinian lake, they swim for 60km and then they find this river where I got the video. They get in very good shape actually, but more like a light brown colour and some of then kind of white, on my next post IŽll upload some of the pics i took.
IŽve never have the chance of fishing Alaska but It is definetively on my to do list. We also have some trout in the river, but pretty small. The estancia closes in April and nobody knows if the steelheads come to spawn up there.

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Yes Larry, the biggest I got was 46pds and a friend of mine got a 50pds. They are really big!!
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