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Default Re: buying used rods

Originally Posted by jbbfly View Post
I broke the tip of my Scott g 955 last year,they changed it although it's an old model,I only paid the
On a Scale of 1-10, 1 being you will pay almost what you paid for the rod to get it repaired, and 10 being the company wont ask any questions nor care, I give Winston a 1 and TFO a 10. If you have a used winston YOU WILL PAY between $150- $250 to get it repaired. TFO: I dont even send in my warranty cards because I know they dont care (and I have sent a lot of TFO's back!). Sage: not sure? Have never heard of someone being treated like winston and from all accounts I have heard (only a few) they dont seem to care. Given how well the other big guys treat you, I would advise you to STAY THE FUDGE AWAY FROM A USED WINSTON unless it is worth a extra $200 more than a high end Sage or Scott!!

NO! I am not saying companies are obligated to fix your second hand rod for just the warranty fee, but given how the others dont care, STAY THE FUDGE AWAY FROM WINSTON (only on 2nd hand rods that is)
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