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Default Re: Going For Line Sides?

Hey FlyBum, I'm no striper expert and I'm fishing SC so this might not apply but...several times I have gotten into stripers and they wanted somehting small like a 2" Clouser. Had buddies throwing large stuff on commie tackle and getting bumps but no solid hits while I was landing fish after fish (this is a rare event). For some strange reason, those fish in that river on that day just wanted small offerings. Seen it happen like 4 times but on the same river so it might be a match the hatch by accident sort of deal.

That being said, my PB striper hit a chart/yellow Deciever that was about 4 to 5 inches while smallie fishing so go figure.

Good luck figuring out those stripes. They are like smallies, "surrender" just ain't in thier dictionary.
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