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Default Re: Need help with Snook

If you have never fished salt water, snook, probably is not the best thing to start with. I would suggest starting out with trout, ladyfish and a few small jacks to get your feet wet.

8 weight probably the bare mininum and would possibly work while fishing the beach. Structure is the word that comes to mind when fishing for snook and for that most folks will be throwing 10's and 9's in an attempt to turn fish before it is too late. As you probably know the second a snook is hooked, he is looking to become unhooked and they usually do this by taking your line around some type of structure. But most beaches do not have structure so it probably would work out well.

I have found the difference between salt/fresh is like night and day. If you do hook up with a nice sideliner you will never forget it.

Good Luck,....

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Mr. Mullet

I did not see where to edit my post so I am adding on.

Many of the snook caught in the SE area of FL are caught at night and many of those caught under dock lights. Snook, feed mostly at night and that is best bite for sure.

I live about 100 miles north of your vacation spot and if I lived farther south I would help you out. I know of two very good guides that I could hook you up with should you be interested.

Probably want to use a bite tippet anywhere from 20 to 40 Floracarbon. 20 will get you more bites, 40 more fish landed. But do not feel secure with the 40, snook easily can get through 50-60 in nothing doing. But you need to draw the line somewhere and 20 to 30 is what most folks use around my area.

One more thing, if you could head to Sebestain Inlet one evening on the correct tide you would be at the Snook Capital of the World for one evening. Most all of those fish are taken on big spinning gear. But I know a few who pull them out on a fly while fishing from the south jetty.

I, like you, enjoy the beach. Look for baitfish and birds, with that fish will be near by.

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