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Default Re: 7 weights....why no love?

My 7 wt is my most used fly rod, like others have said who needs a 6 or an 8, I use it mainly for Smallies in 10 to 20 feet of water on Erie when I was running Charters there, I needed lifting power, and used it in rivers. I had a 6wt, and in deep water and wide rivers, I thought it was a little light but didn't want an 8wt. I just added a 9wt to do double duty as a Pike Musky rod and to use a couple times a year in Michigan for Salmon in the rivers. But the most use will be for big Large Mouth in heavy weeds and pads, and throw'n BIG BUGS. Like the seven, its a tad light for some of what I will use it for, and a tad heavy for some, but I think it will do everything well. Then for small fish I didn't buy a 3 or a 5wt. I went with 4wt and use it for anything small, small stream Trout to panfish. Like the 7wt and 9wt, does it well. I am a cheap guy, and I like expensive equipment but can't afford to buy one for each individual type of fish. I try to to target 2 or 3 with each outfit. I will say the 7wt is the most versatile of all my rods. It;s great for Smallies and steelhead in rivers and on the Lake in deep water, much easier to cast, and I love it for largemouth bass in open water.
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