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Default Re: Thoughts on Trout/Salmonfly Interaction?

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
Interesting, I had the opposite experience here in Colorado. Fished a bit after the hatch. Brought some patterns in case there were some flying around or hatching, but didn't see any salmonflies on the water or in the air. Used the flies as dries for my droppers and the trout would hammer them. They weren't picky as to which salmonfly pattern I had on. They also went bananas for salmonfly nymphs.

A thought I have on your original post. When I have fish showing interest in my fly but not hitting it my first thought is micro-drag - is my drift not smooth enough. Sometimes we can't see the drag from where we are but when the trout gets to the fly something doesn't look right about the drift. Sometimes it is something about the pattern, confirmed when I change to a slightly different but very similar fly and the fish takes it, but often the problem is my drift.

I've found that if I drift the same fly over the same fish and they study it, they'll eventually lose interest and let the fly pass without a look. Changing even to an identical fly and especially one that is a touch different can make all the difference.
Such a great point and rarely an issue with fishing Salmonflies! But, in all fishing, it's all in the presentation right?
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