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Default Re: I must be doing this wrong.....

Originally Posted by thechroniclesofmasi View Post
However your questions are so general, Ive got 25 years worth of trial and error in this area. Where are you planning to go next and maybe I can help.

I'll probably go to Honeymoon again next time I go, but I doubt if it'll be this weekend due to the holiday crowds. I'd like to get into some trout, and I've been told Honeymoon is a good trout location. I'm not sure what tide condition I shoud try for, or how much it matters. Also not sure about weather or time of day.

Yesterday the tide was running out while I was there, but where I was fishing was largely dictated by wind conditions. Maybe a different spot would've been better with that tide.

I quit fishing about 3:00 when some thunderstorms started moving in. I would have liked to fish longer, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of standing in the ocean waving a rod while lightning is in the area.

My local fly shop recommended a shrimp pattern for trout, but I've also been told to try a topwater popper when the water is murky.

With the shrimp pattern, I've been letting it sink, then retrieving it with short (4" to 6") jerks. I've tried using a steady retrieve with Clousers and Deceivers, as well as short strips with pauses.

Any suggestions you can offer will be appreciated.

Jesus said, "Go fishing!" (Luke 5:4). He said nothing about monthly reports, budgets, cost variances, manpower planning, or orders forecasts.
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