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Cool Re: fishing on the rogue river

Stopped down on the Rogue last night on the way home. waded out to a rock bar, dam the water was cold. While out there, a light colored bug was flying around and landing on the water and being hit right off.

I started with a littl cream colored fly and had some good hits and was catching my fair share. probable caught about 10 in an hour and they were 8-10".

I was having some fun until I hooked onto a good size one and as luck would have it the rocks i was standing on or I should say trying to stand on were slick and I fell ass deep in the water and of course at the same time, I gave a little slack in the line and it spit the hook.

of course it came back at me and hit me in the nose and stuck. so here I am sitting butt deep in cold ass water with a fly stuck in my nose and I am LOL trying to get my butt out of the water.

Fun times......right. and I lost the fish.
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