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Default Re: 7 weights....why no love?

Was thinking about this "no luv for #7" thing today dealing with stop and go traffic.

Car was bucking, lurching, coughing and very not happy. The close ratio trans wasn't adding to the fun either, and nether was the high ratio fully manual rack & pinion steering. When I built the car, I knew it would do this, just like I knew I was loosing some high end HP's to gain was low end torque. I have what I want though, a car that will get the funk out of it's own way in a very predictable, civilized manor and maintain control of the power and stop the same way, and it is agile all the way through everything I have thrown at it thus far.

Realized the same about my #7. It doesn't like +2/0 cat toys into the wind nor 1/8 oz chuck-n-duck clousers, but it does exactly what I need and want it to do. No need for a #6 or a #8 for me. If I ever find myself needing/wanting more, it'll be a #9.
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